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PLEASE NOTE: This form is designed for bound documents (For example wire stitched or perfect bound books and booklets) so if you require a quote for business cards, leaflets, stickers, banners or posters then please email your spec to [email protected]


Let's Design Your Print
Please choose a size from the choices above. This should be the same size as your artwork. We don't charge extra for bespoke sizes up to and including A4 so how about going for something a bit different like 280x200mm or 240x170mm?
MONEY SAVING TIP: Are you looking to print a landscape booklet? Well, A5 landscape or even A4 portrait sizes are MUCH friendlier on your budget. If you're choosing A4 landscape these have to be printed on one of our larger presses and prices start at £154 for one copy or £172 for five. Maybe consider switching size to A5 to save you £££.
Remember this has to be an EVEN number.

Your cover counts as 4 pages (this includes your front cover, back cover, inside cover and inside back cover). So if you have a 4 page cover and 16 inside pages type '20' in this box.

For wire stitched booklets the total must be a multiple of 4. For example 16,20,24,28,32,36 etc
What are the binding choices? Well, WIRE STITCHING: the pages are folded in half then bound with two staples on the a magazine. This is best for up to 40 pages. For PERFECT BINDING you will need AT LEAST 40 PAGES for the book to be thick enough to glue and bind. If you have less than 40 pages then please choose wire stitching.
Not sure about what paper to choose? Click and request a sample pack to help you decide. It will be delivered in one or two days. Your cover choice should be thicker than your text pages.
We ALWAYS suggest laminating the outside of your cover if you go for 170gsm or thicker and you have printing on the cover. Lamination prevents cracking and scuffing when the cover is folded. (If you have a white background on the cover then laminating wont be necessary because there is no ink to crack). If you choose an uncoated or silk cover then we will matt laminate. If you choose a gloss cover we'll gloss laminate to match the finish.

How many copies would you like to print?