So Young Zine


A5 Zines
4pp Cover onto 200gsm Uncoated
52pp Text onto 120gsm Uncoated
Full colour throughout
Trimmed, collated and wire stitched

Case Study

So Young is a classic zine: A5 onto uncoated paper. It’s 56 pages are packed full of original illustrations and interviews with a tip to new bands. Ex Why Zed are proud to have printed every issue since inception. This number of pages is right at the limit of wire stitching but it really feels like a good weighty read when you pick it up – gonna be a few tube trips to get from cover to cover!

You’re always guaranteed a good quote from every issue like this beaut from issue 4: “We measure success by the creative yardstick far more than the commercial realities”. A similar ethos to our own at Ex Why Zed – it might not always pay the bills but it helps turn the grey matter coloured!

Why not order your copy here? It’s not only brilliant…but FREE!


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