Shelving The Body by Soapbox Press


240x170mm Books
Matt Lamination to outer cover
4pp Cover onto 250gsm Evolution Uncoated
48pp Text onto 100gsm Evolution Uncoated
Four colour throughout
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound

Case Study

The team at The Soapbox Press explored a number of ideas before settling on the eye catching 240x170mm size – in a world of A Sizes you wanna stand out right!?

The result is a compact art book that looks accomplished and feels quality. 120gsm is always a good choice for inside pages and going for Evolution Uncoated gives them a more off white appearance whilst the green box is ticked because it is also 100% Recycled.

The reader’s eye is kept guessing throughout the book with ever changing page layouts and image orientation”


The book is based around the fun concept of sitable shelving, “Furniture beyond basic physical functionality”, Elizabeth Wright, Central St Martins, and you can find more of Darragh’s work at