Rocawear Fashion | Lookbook Printing

Rocawear lookbook and sleeve


Lookbook Sleeves
Flat size 594x324mm
Finished size 296x296mm
Four colour print single sided onto 350gsm Silk
Matt Lamination with Gloss Spot UV Varnish to outer
Diecut to shape, score, trim and apply double sided tape
to make up to finished size


295x295mm Booklets
4pp Cover onto 350gsm Silk
28pp Text onto 170gsm Silk
Four colour print throughout
Trimmed, collated and wire stitched

Case Study

After seeing some of our previous bespoke jobs, we were approached to produce the latest Lookbooks for Jay Z’s Rocawear fashion label. Styled on a 12″ record sleeve the outer wrap was die cut to size with the logo subtly spot varnished over the image. The sleeve housed an oversize 32 page booklet containing rich, vivid imagery of the brand’s new collection.

The whole job was meticulously measured and collated together to ensure a snug fit and superb looking finished package.