A Little Book on…Gins, Tonics and Garnishes Vol 3


150x90mm Books
4pp Cover onto 300gsm Uncoated
Gloss leather lamination to outer

152pp Text onto 120gsm Uncoated
Index cut to show 4 steps on fore edge with step
positions cut away bottom only
using ‘stock’ 30’ angled cut tool

Four colour print throughout
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound

Case Study

Buy your copy of this great pocket sized gin accompliment

A little book on… gins, tonics and garnishes. This is one of our absolute favourites, this one. Really cool, bespoke little size. Maybe the same size as a UK passport. It’s 150 x 90. It’s also, as a little tip to the passport got a glossed leather lamination on the front cover. Nice chunky spine. Again, we’ve got the text written down the spine. Plenty of room on there and the point size isn’t too small so people can still see it. As we open it up, this is the real piece, the resistance. We’ve got four sections as you go through the book and each section has got its own tab cut. You clamp the pages and then you cut out the tab and then it forms that particular area. Easy for people to go through. Book about gin and tonic, so I’ve got a vested interested in this one as well. We do a little tipple.

As you flick through you got a page for each of the different gins. Use the tab to go to the tonic section and then it lists the tonics that go with the individual ones. Brilliant, brilliant little book. Thoroughly recommend getting ahold of this one. It’s index cut, that’s what they call the tab system. It’s got a lot of setup costs from end of this. It’s not going to be ideal if you just want a handful of copies, but on longer print runs this is definitely something you could consider to give your book a really, really unique appearance to help the reader out as they’re flicking through a 30-degree angle on the tooling. Perfect bound. Very compact. Great little book. Love printing this one.