Kingston BA Graphic Design catalogues 2016


170x120mm Collated Sets
Cover sheets onto 170gsm Silk
150 inside text sheets onto 115gsm Silk
Four colour print throughout
Trimmed to size, collated and 6mm holes drilled for hand-binding

Case Study

Truth be told, Kingston University always produce a publication that is innovative, well designed and grabs your attention! This year didn’t disappoint, as Kingston’s Graphic Design course smashed it with this collated set of cards.

The printed sets consisted of 170x120mm sheets printed onto Silk stock. Each graduate had two sheets each; one sheet to summarise their concept and approach, and the other sheet for an example of their work. The sheets were collated and 6mm holes were drilled in the left-hand corner and bound with screw fixings. The result is a simple and well executed set of work, that not only represents the graduates in a professional manner, but also enables the user to flick through the work in an order of their own making.