Gut Flora | A Chapess Zine by Cherry Styles


215x150mm Portrait Booklets
4pp Cover onto 270gsm Colorplan Candy Pink
196pp Text onto 120gsm Uncoated
Black print throughout
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound

Case Study

In July 2016 we printed Gut Flora, a selected collection of work from the first 9 issues of Chapess Zine. Each issue of the Chapess showcases the work of women of all ages from around the world, employing an open submission policy, underlining the need for opportunities for women artists to show their work, particularly those who have not taken a route of education or training which had otherwise encouraged them to do so.

To read the archived blog of Chapess:

Chapess zine grew from a one-off fanzine to a worldwide network of creative women and queers, and a regular publication that would become the heart of Synchronise Witches press.

The use of GF Smith Colorplan Candy Pink on the cover makes this a striking publication as does the comprehensive content packed into 200 pages with great typography throughout.

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