Custom Self Published Book Printing

Fosters Newsagent Tribute Book


180x148mm Book
4pp Cover onto 350gsm Evolution Uncoated
126pp Text:
80pp onto 115gsm LumiArt Gloss
48pp onto 100gsm Evolution Uncoated
Trimmed, hand collated and perfect bound

Case Study

Where to start with this gloriously challenging example of design and print?

Son approached us with his impressively assembled photographic ode to his local newsagent. The book on Fosters Newsagent, an institution in the south London area, featured a combination of images taken of each and every nook and cranny interspersed with detailed item by item listings of the shop’s products.

A book to chronicle such a study had to be equally impressive. It contains three different paper stocks which alternated almost every 2 pages throughout the book. Uncoated was chosen for the lists and gloss added vibrancy to the photography. These were wide landscape shots that just didn’t sit well on a two page spread so we displayed them in a series of gatefold sections…a whopping 21 of them tipping out from both the left and right hand pages! DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!