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220x165mm Books
4pp Cover onto 350gsm Silk
Matt Lamination to outer
Four colour to outer
196pp text onto 130gsm Silk
Four colour print throughout
Perfect bound

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Alan Shearer wore some wonderful kits during his career – but his favourite was understandably the one he wore first for Newcastle United.

Shearer enjoyed a remarkable career for Southampton, Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle and England – and everyone will have a particular shirt in their mind when they picture him banging in the goals.

Now, the Premier League’s record goalscorer has revealed the shirt he cherishes most in a short interview for the book, ‘Your First Football Shirt’.


Your first football shirt – an illustrated collection of stories

Everyone has their own unique and special story behind the first football kit they owned.

It’s a moment you never forget.

Either you badgered your parents to buy one for you, or you had a hand-me-down from a family member, or you nabbed it from the school lost property – we can all remember our first football shirt.

And with the release of the new ‘Your First Football Shirt’ book, it got us thinking about our memories of our first kit.

So we asked around the office and wistfully remembered our first football shirts, why it was so special, and what became of it…

Jimmy Lloyd

It is 1994 and Jurgen Klinsmann is smashing 30 goals a season for Spurs.

A young Jimmy Lloyd, on the other hand, cannot even get into the Henley Boys U10 side.

Relegated to the bench, I thought it would be funny to get my first Spurs kit with my name… and the number 14 on the back.

Alan Sugar said he “wouldn’t wash his car” with this shirt when Klinsmann left for Bayern Munich.

My manager Nigel Blodwell didn’t seem so troubled when I made my own low-money exit!