Adam Slama | Strive Challenge Photo Books


235×168.8mm Landscape Case Bound
Gloss Laminate Cover onto 170gsm Gloss
Wrapped over greyboard case

Unprinted GF Smith Citrine Yellow End Papers

138 inside pages onto house 115gsm Silk
Four colour print throughout
Trimmed, collated and case bound

Case Study

We have a self-published photo book, a classic example of a hardback, self-published photo book which promotes the recent Strive 2019 Challenge. Strive, to give you a bit of background is a Virgin backed initiative which is an awareness campaign to help promote and alleviate the need for new approaches to education, uniting communities, uniting leaders, uniting voices and uniting entrepreneurs. Yes, we have just copied that off their Google page. The brilliant thing about this is the quality of the photography. Adam’s obviously taken a lot of time hanging out with the gang as they paraglided, swam, hiked, and biked across the Alps in 2019. There is some awesome photography in this book and that’s what really makes it … We’ll just go through some of our favourite photographs and you can take them in. It’s a hardback book. Again, a bespoke size, 185mm high by 280mm wide, so ever so slightly smaller than A4 landscape. Matt lamination on the front cover. End papers on this one are 135gsm, Colorplan, Ebony black.

As you open up the cover, you’re just hit by that brilliant blackness. The edge of the paper itself is black as well because it’s Colorplan. It’s just quite a wow impact as you open up the cover. The inside pages are depicting the photography all on 130 silk. We’ve got 136 inside pages. Obviously, the orientation of this book makes it a lot better for landscape photography than it does portrait. If you’ve got portrait photography in a landscape book why not split the page up into smaller sections, do collage, do multiple images per page. It’s all going to work and it’s going to help you to create a narrative. As you go through you can mix and match, keep the reader’s eye guessing as you go through the book rather than just having one size of image on one position of the page. Why not mix it up and do different styles? It works brilliantly.

If you’re going to print a hardback book what we can also do is we can run flat sheet proofs of all the pages or some of the pages beforehand so you can see exactly how your images print onto the paper then you can drop them back into Photoshop. You can make amends. You can send us new artwork before the final print run goes ahead. It’s a great way to do it. Flat sheet proof, so it’s not bound, but as you’re going to make amends anyway before the final print run it doesn’t have to be and it also saves a lot of money just sending them flat rather than bound. This is a brilliant example of a hardback photo book. Photography is king. There’s very, very little text in the whole book. It’s the images that make this book what it is. We look forward to seeing yours.

To check out more of Adam’s excellent work visit his site


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