An intriguing and insightful look into Zine pricing and printing

We take you through the considerations that affect how much it costs to print your zine at Ex Why Zed and how to make it commercially viable.

We don’t advertise our prices online because we prefer to start a conversation with you first to find out more about the project. Yes, there are plenty of print companies where you can get an instant price, but having worked so hard for days, weeks and months on your zine do you really now want to just upload the files to a website and keep your fingers crossed that what arrives is what you imagined?

From the first point of contact with Ex Why Zed we give you a wealth of helpful, expert advice on how to prepare artwork for print. We take a lot of pride in how responsive and patient our team are. Do read our trust pilot reviews and you will see this is really appreciated by our customers.

Bottom line, we would rather you printed with its than didn’t. Remember our mantra: we want to help transform your ideas into print. If we send you a quote and someone else is £20 cheaper then do let us know. We’re not naive enough to think we’ll be the cheapest quote on every print run. Honestly, in the whole of the world, there is always someone cheaper in every industry. I’m sure you’ve bought a coffee today that you could have bought cheaper within 100 yards of that cafe but you like the service and ambience of that particulate place so that’s why you went there, right?

Why not let us reverse engineer the price? If might have seen similar zines to yours selling for £8 and you would like to pay £3 from us to print each copy. So let us know the spec of your zine, for example, it might be A5 with 40 pages then we can let you know how many copies you will need to print to achieve the £3 per copy target price. Easy!