Welcome to Ex Why Zed

The creative art book and booklet printing company


Ex Why Zed are not a normal print company – we’re less grey/tired/stuck-in-our-ways and are more progressive / upbeat and happy!

We are run by creatives for creatives and actively embrace a forward thinking, refreshing outlook on printing. If you’re looking for grumpy, one word responses by jaded, industry veterans then “sorry”, we might not be the print company for you.

Ex Why Zed have a refreshing, forward thinking attitude to print and a “Can Do” mindset. When planning your project, contact us first and ask if we can hit the deadline – the chances are it will be a “Yes!”.

So what’s our story then?  Well, you’ve only just found us but we launched 12 years ago back in 2006 realising not only the vast choice customers had but that deadlines were becoming tighter and quality with great service was demanded with a keen price tag attached.

Ex Why Zed are ahead of the game and have successfully risen to and beaten all of these challenges through our use of state of the art presses, print novice friendly file-set-up guides and patient, accessible customer service. Our HP Indigo digital presses and Heidelberg litho presses are industry leading machines and produce the highest possible quality print. Your artwork and our ink combine to bring a smile to the face of end users who read the Zine, can’t put the book down or are handed the promotional leaflet.

You might think that our high quality means high prices? Quite the opposite in fact. Our practices, infrastructure and rapid production rate mean our overheads are reduced and the prices we charge you are much lower than the industry average.

For over 200 reasons to trust us with your next print job, have a read through our testimonials page full of positive Trustpilot feedback from happy customers.